Green Scorpion Installments

Out of the forest two shall arise But one with dark and bloodstained eyes And out of three, blue, green, or white, One shall rise to save the light, And a child of water with the gift of sight Will save us all ere the morning light. -Fragment of the Scorpio Prophecy The forest girl’s bare feet moved silently over the green moss of the Forest. One brown braid hung over her shoulder. She kept one hand on the throwing dagger in the leather belt at her waist, ready to strike at predators or enemy warriors. A skinny wolf the color of molten silver padded at her side as they neared a deep crystal stream. She was Katar:la Moondark, commonly known as Katar. The wolf lunged into the clear water and seized a fish with shining blue scales and bright yellow gills. The wolf’s body suddenly shimmered and it grew upwards into a boy of about fifteen years. This was Katar’s older brother Avar:ka, a fully fledged wolf Shifter of the Forrest people of the Birch Tribe. Every young sprite could manipulate the flow of magic in some way, and each tribe had its own talent guilds, such as Potion Masters and healers, who could select plants and berries for antidotes, sleeping draughts, and medicines. Other types of magic were Shifting and Fire Crafting. The Shifters were considered one of the most elite branches of magic, next to ShadeWeaving mages. Katar was going to take a trial lesson for Shifting. Avar easily tossed Katar the large fish and offered a small smile from beneath his shaggy hair. “We’ll be eating that for dinner tonight.” he said proudly. “ Fishing was good today. They don’t have enough sense to steer clear of the Deep Core.” Avar continued. “Why do most animals stay in the outer edges of the Forest, or in the mountains and plains?” asked Katar. “It has to do with the strength of the magic, right?” “Right. We tend to gather around magical hotspots, but most animals are afraid of the magical power in the deep core or around the fabled Lost Hatching grounds of the dragons.” “Speaking of mystical lore, do you know if elves really lived in the Forrest before we sprites came?” Katar continued, probing for information. “They did, but why suddenly so interested?” “I just wanted to know so that if it comes up in the trial I can tell the answers.” “I still think you have a lot of Potion skill. Just because Shifting happens to be the current most popular form of magic doesn’t mean everyone has a gift for it. Your skill might be Fire Crafting or Delving or maybe even raising shimmerbeetles!”


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