The Mage Twins

Hope everyone had a happy New Year!

Halcyon and Tharni are mages. They have a secret- their father was a shapeshifting northern merman named Riptide. Both twins are brilliant and elegant, and are masters at tandem fighting. Each has a large arsenal of magical weapons and poisons. Together, they have powers beyond the grasp of any other mage.  They are stargazers and warriors, and Tharni and Katar are some of the few sprites who are susceptible to star-trances.

Look out for a peek at the Specter King!



Avar is Katar’s shapeshifting brother. He is fifteen years old and of a calmer disposition than his sister… which does not say much.

Avar’s full name is Avar:ka Moondark. He changes into a silver wolf and is skilled with bow and arrow or sword combat.


The protagonist of The Green Scorpion is Katar:la Moondark, a thirteen-year-old, fiery sprite who is quick-thinking and impulsive. She is marked with the Sign of the Scorpion, which gives her special powers, most notably summoning a huge energy avatar which takes the shape of a scorpion.

Katar fights with double daggers. Although she would like to be a Shifter, her real calling is that of a Healer and Starwalker (and, of course, Giant Glowing Mystical Scorpion).

-Artemis Moonstone