The Mage Twins

Hope everyone had a happy New Year!

Halcyon and Tharni are mages. They have a secret- their father was a shapeshifting northern merman named Riptide. Both twins are brilliant and elegant, and are masters at tandem fighting. Each has a large arsenal of magical weapons and poisons. Together, they have powers beyond the grasp of any other mage.  They are stargazers and warriors, and Tharni and Katar are some of the few sprites who are susceptible to star-trances.

Look out for a peek at the Specter King!


Artemis Moonstone, the ambidextrous librarian, waved to the two young sprites. “Good hunting, Katar?” she asked. Katar proudly lifted the fish. Katar and Avar’s parents smiled at their children. Mica Moondark, her mother, was the tribe’s best scout, a squirrel Shifter. Her father Tor Moondark was a low order Earth Spellcaster. Spellcasters were similar to ShadeWeavers, except specialized in elemental spells for everyday use, rather than combat magic. Tor smiled. “You’ve caught more fish today than I could in a week! I’ll take this down to the Fire Pit with the others you caught. He swung over the railing on the balcony and vanished. Meals were always cooked in a huge outdoor Fire Pit kept running by Fire Crafter apprentices. It was shared by all the families, because of the obvious dangers in lighting a fire a hundred feet off the ground in a tiny wooden house. The Fire Pit was in the ground of a glade a little ways away from the Treetop Tangle city. When Tor returned with a nicely browned pile of fish, Artemis had coKme over and was speaking to Mica. Katar leaned over the gnarled wooden balcony, feeling bored and rather hungry. Avar was swinging hand over hand through the trees a little way off. Down another story in the tree city, balancing on the thicker low branches, Rhea and a girl with three tidy black braids were playing an old skipping game. “One! Two! Three! Four! Out of the forest two shall rise, One with dark red bloodstained eyes, And one shall rise blue, green, or white! One shall rise! Save the light! SAVE THE LIGHT! SAVE THE LIGHT!” “Katar! Dinnertime!” Katar’s mother called. Katar sat down on the narrow bench. “I heard earlier that skipping rhyme… you know, One Shall Rise. I wondered where it came from.” Artemis usually had an interesting story about songs, riddles, or short stories told around the village. Artemis stretched and looked oddly for a second at Katar. “That rhyme is a variation on an ancient prophecy. Out of the forest two shall arise, But one with dark and bloodstained eyes, And out of three, blue, green, or white, One shall live to save the light, And a child of water with the gift of sight will save us all ere the morning light. There should be more verses, but they have been lost in time.” Artemis turned and left, leaving Katar shifting nervously in the fading light.